Grand Manan - "A place back in time"

Farmers Market
Weekly summer event​​

Whale and Seabird Research Station
Miles of beautiful wilderness hikes and picnic areas grace the majestic woods overlooking the sea. More information at the ranger station.

Swallowtail Lighthouse

Whistle Lighthouse

Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick


Places of Interest

Enjoy Birdwatching?
Grand Manan offers over 338 species and is renowned as a birdwatching paradise.  There are a variety of land birds and sea birds including the colorful and playful puffin.  Grab your binoculars and delight in the views.

Cycling or Hiking
See the coast from an entirely new perspective. Bring your hiking boots or bicycles for even more fun!

Sea Kayaking or Canoeing
For the more adventurous person, enjoy all the coves and inlets.  Paddle amongst the dolphins and seals.  There are daily tours of the island.  Enjoy the rich and challenging waters of the Bay of Fundy firsthand.  If you have never kayaked before, don't worry- with instruction provided, it's fun for you and the whole family!

Whale Watching Tours
Grand Manan is world famous for its variety and quantity of whale and marine life sightings. More whales here than anywhere else in New Brunswick.  Most local whale watching tours gaurantee whale sightings!!  You may see the magnificent Finback whale (up to 70 ft.), the playful dumpback (clown of the ocean).  Minke and Sei whales and, of course, the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale.  You may also see porpoise, seals and sharks.  
Astually, grab a morning cup of coffee and watch for whales right from your deck.

Local Attractions

Swallowtail Overlook


Grand Manan Museum

Featuring local nautical artifacts and well known bird collection: Allan Moses Bird Collection
This is the largest collection in the Museum with over 300 stuffed birds of the Grand Manan archipelago displayed in 18 cases. The naturalist and conservationist Allan Moses of Grand Manan was a skilled taxidermist, as were his father and grandfather, who had settled on Grand Manan in 1872.

The Rotary Festival
The month of August offers events, rides, crafts, parades and Rotary Barbeques for all!!

Looking for something to do? Swallowtail Overlook is nearby many great activities, and areas of interest. Once you hop off the ferry, let the island take you away, leave all the stress behind!  Check out the official Grand Manan Island Tourism Website at