Welcome to Grand Manan, Located seven miles off the shoreline on the border of Maine and Canada. Grand Manan will transport you to a world of quiet and relaxation far from the stresses and distractions of the Mainland left behind! Experience the roar of the crashing waves and the delicate mist of the sea as it crashes on the rocky landscape interrupted only by an occasional sound of the Ferry horn or a working fisherman coming or going. Explore the sandy beaches on your quest for the perfect seashell or piece of driftglass. Whether you are seeking a peaceful retreat, a romantic getaway, or simply want to experience the natural wonders of the Island, you will find what you are looking for at Swallowtail Overlook. Just a short stroll brings you to the quaint beach town of North Head, where you will find charming shops and pleasant dining.  Here you can enjoy spectacular views from nearby hiking trails.  Or just look out your window and you can witness local fisherman checking their weirs.  Check out the whales, seals and porpoises swimming by below.  You will not get a better viewing of Swallowtail Lighthouse from anywhere on the island! Walk out to the lighthouse from your backyard.  Come stay with us as you enjoy the attractions of this wonderful island as you are comfortably enjoying  all the conveniences and amenities of our modern and efficient new home. 
A new ,modern year-round cottage  for the guests desiring an unforgetable experience !

The perfect getaway

Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

Swallowtail Overlook

Swallowtail Overlook

Leave your stress behind and immerse yourself in  unparalleled relaxation at Swallowtail Overlook.

Grand Manan - "A place back in time"

This newly built seaside home is ideal for travelers seeking unspoiled natural beauty, with its panoramic views you can enjoy birdwatching, of over 338 species including the puffin.  Come see what Tim Peters became enthralled with enough to compile a visual journey of pictures of this island and the fisheries in a book titled The Rhythm of the Tides (see more at www.timpeters.com). You can enjoy an early morning cup of coffee on your private deck as the fog rolls out and the sun breaks through to sparkle across the waves.  Be sure to bring your camera, your friends won't believe you! 
As you arrive by ferry, look to the right as you come around the lighthouse and you will see, high atop the cliffs,Swallowtail Overlook your vacation destination on Grand Manan.. We think you will find it one of your most memorable vacation experiences and hope you return again.

Sbawallowtail Overlook, Most Spectacular Views on Grand Manan