Swallowtail Overlook

Swallowtail Overlook

Swallowtail Overlook, Most Spectacular Views on Grand Manan

Grand Manan - "A place back in time"

​​Welcome to Grand Manan, located a few miles off the border of Northern, Maine and New Brunswick, Canada. Grand Manan is a trip back in time. Grand Manan will be a vacation you will long remember. 

After you have unpacked and acquainted yourself with the accommodation, you will find an island with picturesque villages, friendly people and ocean views at every turn in the road. You will soon discover the island is void of any traffic lights, fast food, and the hurried atmosphere that you probably left behind. Guests quickly relax and enjoy the dramatic tides of the bay, and the sea and bird life. One can observe the fishermen tending their weirs and the ferry passing Swallowtail Lighthouse just below.

Explore the uncrowded beaches for seashells or drift glass just a short walk or drive away. Pettes Cove is just below the house and is a favorite for searching for drift glass. Take a tour of Swallowtail Lighthouse and the light keepers residence with historic buildings which are steps away. Be sure to enjoy the lobster dinners and other fresh seafood offerings at home or other various casual eateries. You will find the lobster pots and everything else you require to cook in the modern kitchen.

We hope that after your first visit, you join the many returning guests to Swallowtail Overlook.

​Carol & Paul Bakke

This newly built seaside home is ideal for travelers seeking unspoiled natural beauty. With panoramic views you can enjoy bird watching of over 338 species including the puffin.  Come see what Tim Peters became enthralled with enough to compile a visual journey of pictures of this island and the fisheries in a book titled The Rhythm of the Tides. You can enjoy an early morning cup of coffee on the private deck as the fog rolls out and the sun breaks through to sparkle across the waves.  Be sure to bring your camera, your friends won't believe you! 
As you arrive by ferry, look to the right as you round the lighthouse. You will see, high atop the cliffs, Swallowtail Overlook. We think you will find it one of your most memorable vacation experiences and hope you return again.

Leave your stress behind and immerse yourself in  unparalleled relaxation at Swallowtail Overlook.

Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick