Swallowtail Overlook

How to Reach Us:

Paul and Carol
(910) 313-0261


Grand Manan - "A place back in time"

Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick

This new open-design home with spectacular views from every window is available from Early Spring to Late Fall

Rates starting at $1200-$1500/week.
Based on occupancy and subject to change without notice.

A Deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking.
Balance due approx. thirty days prior to arrival.

Bookings made prior to current calendar year require 15% deposit until January of rental year.
Refunds based on cancellation request date prior to arrival date.
Sorry ,we do not accept credit cards.
* We welcome families, however, care should be taken with small, inquisitive children due to the terrain.

​* Ferry Schedules available

Pamper yourself in the comfort and charm of the Swallowtail Overlook. Wake up to the beautiful sunrises over the Bay of Fundy!